joystick disconnecting

i currently use a yoke a joystick and a throttle quadrant .i use the joystick for my rudder. My toke and throttle work fine but when using thee joystick for my rudder it will disconnect and i cant fix in settings with out closing the app does anyone have a solution.

Hi, what device are you using? Are you also using LiveFlight Connect?

im using a samsung s8 and no i am not using liveflight

samsung s8 with no liveflight

I assume you are also using an OTG cable to connect the joystick to your device?

no that didnt work so i have a sabrent 4 port usb wich works but i just got another 4 port usb today so i can use the third joystick

I believe the OTG cable is the only supported connection that works with joysticks and Infinite Flight.

no i got that to work with the usb using a dongle


Yes, but we are unable to provide support for external unsupported devices or dongles that have not been approved by the FDS team.

ok thx think i have just fixed it with some testing

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