Joystick Diffuculty

So i Finally get IF connect open and i connect my joystick, i do a few takeoffs then i attempt a approach, then my joystick loses connection and in a few seconds im taking a hard right while descending i quit the flight and try to fix the problem but nothin worked. If your joystick went rouge and tried to kill your aircraft please tell me

Hi, umm… I’m sorry for you difficulty?

I’m not sure this should be a topic…

If this is a support topic, please tell me and I will move it.

From what it sounds like, your internet cut out.


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thanks have a good day

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You too!

Hello @787_Dreamgiver ! So I also face this problem. I used IFC (LiveFlightConnect) and had these same problems. At the time for some people it works normally and another faces these problems that you had.
I suspect that these problems must be the low upload rate, but I migrated to a tool that you can afford. You will have to make an investment. I will leave a video and topic where we talked about Raspberry Pi.

🛫☝️☝️☝️ @787_Dreamgiver

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ok i will try this out and see if it works thanks

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