Joystick delay on IOS?

Will there be any flight control delay using a joystick on ios devices?
ex. time from a joystick input to the control.
Thanks :)

No, not really. Depends on the number of packages per second you are sending, but if that is a high number, it shouldn’t be any lag. :)

Awsome!! Thank you…
Any suggestion on the joystick? budget around 50$-100$

For me there was… It was kinda unresponsive.

I have multiple, but for IF i love the X52 pro… Not sure the price, but you can probably buy it used somewhere…

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Is a gap big between your input?

Yea, or when you turn hard left sometimes it doesn’t go fully or go back to normal flying position

It might be the dead spot in your joystick tho.
Which joystick are you using?

Extreme Pro. Works perfectly with FSX though.

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ok then, Thanks
I’ll try and see what will happen. :)

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Let me know if it works! Good luck

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