Joystick/Controller question

I am new to Infinite Flight and I absolutely love it so I just decided to buy a joystick for it. I was just wondering if Infinite Flight also has support for controllers because I use an IPhone XR and when I play I’m not always at home so it would be nice to be able to use a controller that I can plug into my phone to play.

Indeed you can! Take a look at this topic for instructions on how to do so:


Thank you. I just looked at that and I’m still slightly confused. SO even though I will be plugging the controller, if I do indeed purchase it, into my IPhone directly do I still need to use LiveFlight Connect on my computer or will Infinite Flight automatically detect that there is a controller plugged into my phone? I just want to be completely clear before I make a purchase. I’m a pilot in real life and I take my Cessna out nearly everyday and a lot of the time when I get home I have left my long haul flights running and trying to use my phone without a joystick or controller feels unnatural after flying for a couple of hours.

As you’re using an iPhone, you’ll need to use a computer and LiveFlight Connect to get yourself sorted. Basically, you plug your joystick/controller into the USB port on your computer, pull up LiveFlight connect, and then connect wirelessly using the tutorial linked. I know it’s annoying, but Apple are a little touchy when it comes to plugging in weird devices. Hope this helps!

Thank you. That answered my question perfectly @ewanfleming It looks like I will just stick to the joystick I purchased today and I won’t bother getting a controller since I would have to be near my computer either way. And just on a side note are we aware if LiveFlight Connect will ever be ported to linux based computers or is it only ever going to be available for Windows/OSX?

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I’m not aware if there are any plans or not to bring it over to Linux. Feel free to message @Cameron, who develops LiveFlight with any questions regarding that sort of thing. Have a nice day :)

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