Joystick control instead of tilt control

We need to add joystick control, this would be by far the best Flight Simulator on the App store AND will be competition MSFS. You know how TFS has joystick and tilt controls? IFS Needs joystick controls. Like, who likes or wants this?! I will show a screen shot of TFS’s Joystick control and HOPEFULLY the devs listen and add joystick control. Devs, if you’re reading this. You have a chance to make your game much better, so do it.
Thanks :)


Welcome to the if community. On this forum there is a category that users can use to request an addition to the game: the Features category. Once this addition is requested, each user has the free choice to vote for this idea or not. The idea you are proposing has already been requested below. click vote if you are interested. If you want it to come to IF, many votes are needed. Moreover, there is a search machine in this forum. If you want to learn or see something search it in the search bar.

Have a nice day, tail wind ahead.