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I have an android device, a Logitech joystick and an OTG cable to connect it. However, I would like not to use the OTG cable as it makes messy wires and was wondering whether I can connect the joystick to another android device or pc to connect it to my IF.

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Feel free to take a look through this topic linked below, as it may help:

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Android is OTG cable I know but I want to connect my joystick through another android device or a pc… I do have an OTG but I dont like to use it much… thanks anyways and please if you do kno how to connect the joystick through a pc or another device (than the one of IF) will be much appreciated!

You can use live flight connect which is an external PC application that connects to your android device via wifi and works with controllers - etc

Personally I would suggest OTG but that’s just my preference when I play, I dislike relying on my PC for a connection to IF

What android do you use?

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I use Samsung Note 9

The Note 9 has an OTG adapter I think in the box already, which makes it the easiest and most convenient option to connect a joystick,


With a connected OTG adaptor there’s no option to charge your phone at the same time.

LiveFlightConnect can be downloaded from here and works with both Windows and Mac. The linked page also has guides and tutorials on how to set it up.

I have tried it myself with the Logitect Extreme 3D Pro and the Trustmaster T. Flight Hotas X and works fine but takes some time to get used to it.

Good luck and have fun! 😊

@MCS_MORZ read my thread concerning OTG using Samsung dex, it uses OTG but enables a better data management

I sure can have the dex and honestly I have tried it just now after reading your thread and I did not like the fact that you have to use your phone as a mouse to control the screen. Since I have google chromecast I can easily mirror my phone screen to the TV and use my joystick connected to my phone through OTG or another device.

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The thing is you dont need to use the phone as a mouse!

I connected a USB hub that runs a keyboard and mouse so my phone doesnt have to be touched at all during the flight experience.

As you’ll note on my thread my chromecast stream would lag now and then in certain places at full specs! DEX does not lag as of yet!

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