Joystick Connection/ Level flight Connect issues

Hi, I am having an hard time connecting my infinite flight on my ipad to My mac. its just not connecting. I have downloaded the level connect and I am running the Mac El Captain software of 10.11.4.
I dont know what the issue is on the Level flight Connect its says “Connecting to Infinite Flight”

if you can help me out with that I will appreciated.

Thank You,

The developers category is only for the devs and airport editors. Post next time in support :) I don’t use a joystick so I can’t help you but I hope it gets fixed!


  • Check your device running Infinite Flight is connected to the internet.
  • Have you enabled Infinite Flight API in game? If not, you cannot connect your joystick via LiveFlight.
  • If these have not worked, try rebooting LiveFlight, your mac and the device running Infinite Flight.

Hi :).
Make sure you have ‘Infinite Flight Connect API’ enabled in settings.

Also to this in this order:

  1. Force close (swipe up) IF.
  2. Start LF Connect
  3. Start IF.

It should then be working; if not check your Wifi connection.