Joystick connection issue

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I have a joystick from Logitech 3d and i’m trying to connect it to the IF. I have a successful connection with LiveFlight Connect app but the problem is in the setup of the joystick… Fo example when i try to to set up the pitch it gives me an opposite direction of stick movement; like if i make a backward movement; it gave me pitch down attitude. The same for thrust, when i set it to (+) it gave me a negative thrust. Any suggestions how to overcome this issue?

Hey maybe this could help you 😄

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Reset your joystick by pressing the reset to defaults button in Controls

I did many resets, if the pitch got accurate, the roll didn’t. Thrust didn’t get accurate at all. Many movements got opposite commands.

When calibrating thrust for some unknown reason it’ll say -100% even though your lever is at 100%. This is normal, for me at least. It’s correct. Because in the game I move it up it’s 100% throttle 🤷🏻‍♂️ Why it’s calibrated the opposite way.

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There is a option to invert the controls… Tick that rev. In the controls… to make it reverse.

Yes, don’t do that with throttle…please. That’ll make your 100% lock at 100% but when your in the game when your at 0% got throttle will be at 100%…I only use that for rudder

When i lift off the ground by using the stick, then engaging the AP, the aircraft starts to pitch up drastically although i set the V/S to a minimum but it keeps pitching until it stalls while the stick is in neutral position. Any idea why that would occur?

Could you please Send a video in. As I am confused on what is happening here

If you’re using an Android, you don’t need LiveFlight. You could just buy a USB adapter (or maybe you already have one as most Android devices come with one) and you could plug the joystick right into the phone. That’s how I do it so it should work for you.

Does it work for IOS with a cable like this?

No. It doesn’t

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No. LiveFlight is needed for iOS

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I have iPad Air 3

Do i need to calibrate for each flight? Cause when i come to other flight, the controls got wrong commands different from the previous flight?

You’ll have to connect with LiveFlight. I have an Android so I don’t know how to use it. Sorry.

Thanks for answering… The stick is connected successfully to my device but the problem is in abrupt commands i have in each flight although i did a calibration. Moreover, i’m having a trouble in the aircraft behavior. Sometimes it got perfect and sometimes it started to behave strangely

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