Joystick Calibration

Today I downloaded live flight to connect to my joystick but when I set throttle to 0 on my joystick it comes up as 50% or 100% or something like that! Also when I tilt the joystick right the yoke on the bar at the bottom shows it is going to the left! Finally when I move my throttle up and down on the joystick sometime it shows it being the trim!!?? And when I move my joystick it shows it as the throttle!?!?!

Is there a way to fix this??? Or to reset the joystick functions completely?!?!?

Thank you
Happy landings ✈️

Maybe you could try unplugging the joystick and plugging it back in?🤷‍♂️

I have tried it just got worse! 😬

It is sooo frustrating!

Sounds like you need to look at your control settings in IF. If you are moving your Joystick right and the ailerons are motioning left, than your settings are reversed. This can be fixed by changing the setting. What does your throttle setting look like when you open settings?

Oh my then. Well maybe perhaps recalibrating the joystick controls. @captainmalik

My joystick has problems too with it not pulling up or down.

Should I send a screenshot?

Same with me!!!

Please do sir, it will help us understand your problem better.

Try looking at this: Joystick Support in Infinite Flight

At the moment everything is idle but when I am in flight this problem occurs

This did not help
I have windows PC

When you have the settings screen up and you move the joystick, do you see the green bars under Key/Axis move at all?

I do not have the green bars only yellow ones

Im sorry, yellow. I thought they were green. So you see the yellow bars moving right?

I did now I don’t at all

Ok, for one, there may be a connection problem between the game and the program for the joystick. Also, I want to make sure that when you turn your joystick to the right, the yellow bar for “Roll” moves to the right as well.

When I click on devices it says that my joystick is definitely connected

Ok, so connection is good. That shouldn’t be the problem. I know you have already done it once, but go ahead and disconnect the joystick, close everything out (Both on your computer and your device) and then start everything back up and reconnect the joystick.