Joystick calibration question

I searched and could not find another topic explaining this so hopefully this is not a duplicate.

iPad Pro 10.5
Thrustmaster joystick-Windows PC
5G WiFi Network Connection

During flight, do I need to trim the aircraft so that everything is copesthetic before disengaging the auto pilot? If I don’t trim the aircraft before disengagement, my “at rest” joystick position will continue to be pitch up or pitch down, depending on whatever the pitch was set at within auto pilot before disengagement. Hopefully I explained that to make sense. Is this a normal thing?

Note: this was also the case pre global as well, with a different iPad, but same joystick and PC.

I’m always adjusting my trim during flight. I hate seeing magenta where the trim button is located. I’m certain that if you did some tests with and without you will see a significant difference. I always recalibrate too before switching autopilot on or off. Trim is your friend and so is calibrating ;)


I always chalked this one up to a calibration mistake in my end, but when this happens and the at rest is not 0%, recalibration actually does nothing. It just clicked in my brain that it was the trim that was the issue… after 2 years of on and off joystick use lol. So I played around with it for the past hour and those were my findings. I just didn’t know if anyone else has these same experiences or if it was just me.

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When I use my joystick for flight I go into the controls to see how everything is before switching off autopilot. If everything is stable I still recalibrate and then switch off autopilot. I know that if I move the joystick even slightly after recalibrating the pitch of the aircraft will definitely change. Too much coffee hinders that usually 🤣


I didn’t know the calibration button worked for a joystick? The same one you use on the pause screen?

The joystick will take the place of the devices regular inputs. If you have a joystick hooked up your device will remain in one resting position and inputs made from the joystick that is linked takes over.

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Huh good to know, thanks! In regards to the trim, I found that I have to change my trim for landing as well, I found that this was not a weight adjustment issue because this always occurs on very short hauls as well (less than 25nm trips).

I have had to do this since I purchased my joystick and that is the only (extremely minor) issue I have ever had with it if I were to call it that.