Joystick Bug

Dear support, i’m setting up my Logitech 3D pro joystick.(mac pro book, latest update. Ipad pro latest model) Everything works ok. But…when i assign the camera’s of the cockpit or “camera next” to the buttons on top of the joystick…after “clicking” through these options more than twice i get thrown out of IF entirely. The app stops. Over and over again. Does any of this sounds familiar?

As joysticks are third party accessories, bugs like these may popup.

You might want to read up on that a bit. As they are officially supported.


read where? cause i’ve looked into to it…but i can’t find the reason for IF to quit.

I wasn’t responding to you :)

Anyway, I’ve read intermittent tickets about this. But no real solution has been found as far as i know :(

This happens to me when I use Live Flight Connect ever since the last IF update.
Windows 10 PC using Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet Android 7.
Thrustmaster HOTAS flight controls.

Interestingly, I use the K1 and the Logitech stick above but with a wired connection and have no issue’s. Wonder if its a liveflight issue.

ok, thanks. it might be a problem on the side of LiveFlight.

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