Joystick and throttle not working

hey im trying to set up a joystick and a throttle to infinite flight. what if i have to sperate devices like on throttle and one joystick what do i do? How do i get that setted up? The joystick works but i can’t conect the throtle. I am useing the logitech x-56 that is both throttle and joystick. If anyone knows please let me know.

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Have you read this?

yeah i have read that but i still can’t get it to work. The joystick works but not both

Is your throttle connected directly to the joystick? If so that’ll just be programmable in the control settings. If your throttle has a seperate usb connection then maybe it needs to be conmected to a dual usb port to usb for you then to be able to connect both the joystick and throttle to the same usb for you then to connect that to an adapter for your device :)

it is 2 usb cables they are not one cable

Okay, you can buy a dual usb port adapter (usually for computers) and then you’ll only have one usb connection for both joystick and throttle to then connect to your device

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ok thanks so much!

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Can give it a go I guess

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