Joystick and Throttle for Apple

Hello All,

I have a question, does anyone know or use any good joysticks and/or throttles that I could use with my Apple laptop and iPad?

Thanks, Marcus


Welcome to the forum!

Below I have linked multiple joystick options for your needs aswell as a post about how to connect it;

I wish you good luck and let us know what happens

P.s I will make it a wiki so anyone can add some more joysticks


Thank you very much!

They work with Apple also, right?

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You have to have a computer or laptop and get LiveFlight connect to use a joystick on apple


They both do, I have both! ;)

I use the Thrustmaster T-Flight with my IPad4. Download the Live flight app and you should be good. I use a PC with Windows so I cannot speak for much on a Mac. But my setup works great!! I programmed the buttons on the joystick for different actions (flaps, spoilers, lights etc.) so that way I don’t have to mess too much with the IPads screen. Hope this helps!

All joysticks with a USB connection works on mac.

Would the Logitech G Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System work or is it good with IF?

and this cannot work with android;(

Yes it does. You can either use liveflight connect or connect directly with a USB OTG cable.

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oh really?! how! can i get that cable

Just search for a USB-OTG cable. They are very common. Then just plug your joystick directly into your device and set up the controls in the IF settings.

ok sick thnx man ill try and find one

i find micro usb otg cabel idk id that is good i got an samsung galaxy s4 mini

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