Joystick and throttle compatibility

Hi all.

A few years ago I bought myself a HOTAS X52 joysticks for Infinite Flight, a bit of a wasted purchase as I could never get it to work with Infinite Flight. I’m hoping it can work now, but most topics are old and outdated. How do I connect my joystick to my iPhone 12?


Ok so there was a way called map connect 3D however that was third party so it is not ran by infinite flight and I have heard mixed things about weather or not it actually works.

Hi, I’m using map connect and it’s working fine ( you need a pc or laptop for it ). You just have to plug your joystick into your PC/Laptop.

Otherwise you can also use the usb otg cable. But it is important that your joystick is supplied with electricity. The power from your phone is not enough for this. I’m not so sure if this method works because I haven’t tried it.
Here’s a pic of it l:

Hope that helped 🙂


That dongle would only works on android as iPhones have security systems in place to prevent viruses or malware etc . iPhones aren’t also designed to understand the input from the joystick unlesss there’s some form of 3rd party app

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