Joystick allows for Autopilot on non autopilot aircraft

I’ve been enjoying this since joystick support was released but I think its time to pass it on :p

Having a joystick connected allows you to use autopilot on aircraft not designed to have it ie Super Decathlon, F22, F16.

How to replicate.

  1. Connected Joystick via OTG, I’ve only used the Extreme 3D pro where it works everytime.
    2.Load IF and set up Joystick, Assign X,Y,Z axes.
    3.Assign a button to Autopilot engage/disengage.
  2. Select an aircraft that isn’t meant to have Auto pilot.
  3. Hit fly and take off.
  4. Press the button you assigned to Autopilot.
  5. The aircraft will now be flying under Autopilot, still have to control throttle manually but hdg and Alt are locked until you disengage

Device info.
LG Gpad 8.3 on Android 4.4.2
Extreme 3d pro connected via OTG cable
A321 version of IF but the bug has worked since Joystick support was released.

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Should this be in bugs or …

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It is in bugs? Isn’t it?

Where else would you suggest for it to go?

Oh never mind it’s all good I think

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