Joyner_Wilson's Tracking Thread - [CLOSE] @N/A [WRITTEN PASSED] [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hello! My name is Joyner Wilson. This is My ATC Tracking Thread. I Want to practice my Skill at ATC, and also Want to Join IFATC. I Hope you all can give me a Feedback. Thankyou!


Status : Close
Frequencies : Ground/Tower
Sever : Training
Airport : @N/A
Runway in use : Any

Just for information This is my Second Tracking Thread because the first one i can’t edit it Thanks!


Airport : KFLL
Status : Open
Server : Training
Runway in use : 28L/R
Come if you free



I can come there for some patterns. This is @Udeme_Ekpo

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Sure, Thanks

Feedback from Wizzair 305VA

  • Transition was perfect!

  • Pattern entry and Sequence was great!

i have no issues with both of them you handle it perfectly

- (12:51:59) Late runway exit (37kts)

No other issue! thanks for having me

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Sure, Thanks for the feedback!

Closed Now! Thanks for coming @Syncline @Arkii @Udeme_Ekpo @Ramzi_Khairan @CamelGuy


Feedback from YU-MMY:

  • Pattern entry was perfect!
  • Clearence was awesome!
  • Too fast for exit runway command (73kts), as I was at C208.

No other issues! thanks for having me!


Sure, Thanks for the Feedback

For this i will Correct it Next Time i was forgot you are a Prop Plane

Btw, Happy Anniversary for join the Community Syncline :)


Feedback from @Udeme_Ekpo

Perfect Landing clearance and for the option.

I am very sorry about my performance with the aircraft. I was flying horrible in the traffic pattern and had to go around two times.

But it was great controlling and thank you for having me come and do some patterns. I really do appreciate it.


Sure, Thanks for the feedback and Fell free to come if i am Open. and Fyi for your Aircraft the Pattern altidude is 1.500 not 2000/3000 :)


Airport : KVAD
Status : Open
Server : Training
Runway in use : 36L/R
Come if you free

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Feedback from Hammer 372

  • Ground was very good, no problem
  • Pattern and Sequencing were perfect
  • When I called ‘left downwind, full stop’ you shouldn’t have cleared me for takeoff
  • Exit Runway command was issued too late

Overall good job, you just have to pay attention to the aircraft’s speed on the runway.

I’m sure you will do well, as practice makes perfect!


Sure, Thanks for The feedback

For this im sorry i want to give you exit command but im press wrong command.

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No problem :)

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Closed Now! Thanks for coming @Syncline @TheGlobalAviator @Arkii

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Airport : KFAT
Status : Open
Server : Training
Runway in use : 29L/R
Come if you free Thanks



congrats on Passing written, i’ll go ahead and come

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Sure Thanks

Great job today! No feedback from N32868

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