Joyner_Wilson's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A


[13:38:33] You had to give OK-BOI a go-around order.

Overall it was good. I hope to see you in the team soon. :)

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Thanks for the feedback and Sorry, My phone was freezing i want give you please expedite and OK-BOI Go Around. Thanks!


Thanks For Coming @RhendyAvGeek , @Varunsehdev , @Syncline , @dkz5 , @BAK_UOV , @Juiceinaglass . And sorry for many mistake i made.


Im so sorry i cant attend till 25th may

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Sure, See you on 25 May

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@Citrusinabox @RhendyAvGeek @Populeux_Music @The-Myth @Ilham_Firdani any of you guys down to join my session? Paul_G's ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ SBSP [PASSED WRITTEN]

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I can if you want, I will come if tagged but if I am busy I can not come

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I have practical in 15 min! So Im closed rn

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Okay, Goodluck for your Practical

I made it!!!

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Congrats 🙂

Thank you so much


Airport : LFBO
Status : Open
Server : Training
Runway in use 14L/14R
Come if you free
@Syncline @RhendyAvGeek @Nixon10 @The-Myth


On my way mate

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Feedback from N1RK

Ground Conflict

  • Nice job!

1st Pattern

  • received normal takeoff clearance, he corrected it at the end.

  • Sequence was good no issue

  • Wrong Clearance. supposed to be number 1 since PH-REN already vacated the runway, he gave me correction standby but he didn’t give me the new clearance.

Overall it was okay but you have to pay attention to their sequence and clearance


Thanks for the feedback :)

Closed Now !
Thankyou for coming
@Ramzi_Khairan @RhendyAvGeek @vinoalviano @Syncline @Juiceinaglass @NightHawk @cpt.mustache


you‘re welcome! there were some mistakes but they were okay.

for example when i was cleared for taxi and you cleared another plane next to me in front for pushback. either you tell him or me to hold position. that call did not happen.

extending upwind when there is no plane near me on upwind/cross/downwind was not necessary.

When requested runway change from left downwind RW14L to RW14R you made the correct call. but I was missing the extend downwind I’ll call your base call since i was number 3 traffic to follow on right DW. This resulted in me and the plane in Front were not properly spaced for approach what then resulted in me have to go around. the go around make right traffic was correct in that situation.

the end with the taxi was okay, could have been better when I was close to RW 30 something Left and requested to cross that runway you gave me the call to cross 14R and then double 14L (wich is Not necessary when you cleard to cross once except I have to hold short) that’s absolutely fine since there was no traffic in or outbound so I could cross runway 14R by backtaxi from 30 something left.
try to give the closest runway to cross or the requested one of possible.

overall a few little mistakes but overall experience was okay. Keep up the training and please let me know when you do a practice session again.


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Thanks for the feedback, I Will try to fix the mistake in the next thread and i will tag you for Next Thread Thanks :D

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Hi @moderators ,Why i can’t edit this thread. Could you guys Help me?

Best Regards,
Joyner Wilson