Journey To The Past. w landing clip

Greetings! I’d like to share with you guys my flight done today from Japan to a former British Colony aka the Asia’s World City, Hong Kong.

  • RJTT - VHHX FL 340 M0.84 3hrs 22mins Expert

Takeoff from Tokyo Heneda

Mount Fuji

One of the largest airports built on the sea, can you name the airport?

Flying above the mountains of Taiwan.

Victoria Habour and the Hong Kong Island! We’re home!

Flying above the Hong Kong Disneyland ;)

Taxing with the background of the skyline of HK Island [pls imagine yourself at this time till our developers finish the buildings work :)]

Don’t fly a A350 into Kai Tak pls!!! RIP to realistic if flyers. Btw, did you know, British, Cathay and Japan are part of the founding members of OneWorld.

OneWorld Meetings :)

When DC-10 meets MD-11.

Banking towards final :)

This is my landing at Kai Tak today! Pls rate it and tell me what should I improve :)

Pls rate my landing from 1 to 10. Thanks :)

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Thanks for viewing my post! Do you like the special approach to Kai Tak? Any pictures you’ve taken during today’s flight? Share with us!

Safe flight, happy landings, and we’ll meet again in the next post :)


Always wanted to fly into Kai tak unfortunately can’t without a sub

Good approach though

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good landing! pictures are nice as well

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The butter landing though!! 😍😍♥️
Teach me some… 😂


Its not a butter though, the buttering machine can perform far more better than this :)

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Nice pictures! Your landing wasnt the best tho… it needed a but more flare but well done on the turn!


Seeing the a350 there ripped my heart. Great landing, too!


There was a air china 787-9 there next photo (if that matters :/)


Ofc it matters! Saw ppl flying 359 and 787 to VHHX is a torture for me :(

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Nice Wingview Shots!

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Nice shots! Gave the landing a six because of a couple things:

  1. Little bit past touchdown zone (triple white lines then white boxes on the runway)

  2. Could’ve been more level, but it’s Kai Tak so there’s a slight exception.

Still great overall!


Thanks bro :)

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Nice pics!

Osaka Kansai Airport


What a smooth landing mate! I reli do like the 13 Approach btw. Great shots!


Also HOW are there this many people?