Journey to the Hermit Kingdom

As many people down North Korea aka the hermit kingdom it’s one of the most dangerous nations in the world but I am a guy who likes optimism. I was thinking about a route to do if Korea reunified so I went from Seoul to Pyongyang

server Training
Time 3.30 UTC

Taxing to runway16🇰🇷

Taking off from Seoul 🇰🇷

Goodbye Seoul 🇰🇷

Passing the DMZ🇰🇷🇰🇵

Flying over Pyongyang🇰🇵

Passing over the control tower

Landed runway 1 at Pyongyang 🇰🇵

Taxi to Gate 1

Safely parked at gate 1 welcome to Northern Korea


The scenery around Pyongyang is stunning! Nice photos!



isnt that where they do the Arirang mass games?

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Yeah that’s May Day stadium (or something like that)

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Rungado May Day Studium

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It’s the largest stadium by capacity in the world

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Expect an unidentified flying object flying towards you at mach 5.

Nice photos :)

I don’t see a UFO

Because it’s flying at mach 5

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This is the second time I have flown to Pyongyang in Infinite Flight the First time was an Air China 757 from Beijing Daxing to Pyongyang right after the 757 rework

Fly to Iraq next time. It’s quite interesting! I’ve done it before. It’s truly underrated.

I have done some pattern work around Baghdad and it’s pretty boring where should I go

Fly around the country. Some of the mountains are beautiful!

Very cool photos @Ethan_Brown!

Should I fly around Iraqi Kurdistan


You were right

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Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Basra, the newly added Najaf… there’s many beautiful airports in Iraq
Not to mention that we have the Iraqi CRJ which flies to all of these if i’m not mistaken
Kinda unfair to judge the country based off a few patterns in Baghdad lol

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¡Prepare to die!

North Koreans: