Journey To Reúnion via Cape Verde!

Journey To Reùnion via Cape Verde! 🇷🇪🇨🇻

Description: As I couldn’t wait to fly to Reúnion, I also wanted to fly to Cape Verde. Though this is not a real route, I figured why not make my own flight plan and just enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cape Verde, Africa, & Reúnion all in one flight! The livery of Air Austral is beautiful & the island of Reúnion is beautiful as well. I would recommend this flight to everyone!

Route: KJFK-GVAC (6 hours, 5 minutes) / GVAC-FMEE (8 hours, 14 minutes)

KJFK-GVAC (New York-Cape Verde)

(Fell asleep and woke up for descent)
GVAC-FMEE (Cape Verde-Reúnion)


Nice pictures! I really love that livery on the 787

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Thank you! I enjoy the livery of Air Austral as well!

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Awesome photos, love that livery. Wait, that livery isn’t in IF, is it? I can never keep track of these liveries.

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It is on the 788

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Yes, it is! “Air Austral” in the list of liveries for the 787-8!

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Yes, it is!