Journey to Grade 4… again

Hello IFC, just wanted to share these photos, as well as this was my last flight from Grade 3 (been on and off with the game over the past few years, so I’d say this is my 4th time reaching grade 4), Hope you all enjoy these photos 👀 🌅

Flight: Narita Int’l Airport (RJAA) to Los Angeles Int’l Airport (KLAX)
Flight Time: 9h 15m
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
Airline: All Nippon Airways
Server: Expert

Taxiing to Runway at Narita ➡️

Takeoff from Narita 🛫

Climb to Cruise ✈️ , see you in a few hours :D

Good morning on the West Coast 🌊

Approach to Los Angeles 🛩️

On Final Approach 💺

Landed 🛬, mission complete 🥳

Taxiing to parking 🅿️, and hello PAL!

See y’all in Grade 5!


Stunning pictures🤩🤩. Keep it up.

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Thanks! @Mosi

For me I just do touch and goes at KDEN in the F18 on casual