Journey to Germany

Departure-Newark Liberty International Airport(KWER)-LIBERTY4(SID)
Arrival-Frankfurt Airport(EDDF)-UNOK2H (STAR)
Livery- B787(United Airlines)
CallSign-United7026 Heavy
Flight Time-7hr18min
InfiniteFlight_2019-08-20-18-50-34 InfiniteFlight_2019-08-20-18-42-29 InfiniteFlight_2019-08-20-18-52-02 InfiniteFlight_2019-08-20-18-51-41 InfiniteFlight_2019-08-20-18-52-52 InfiniteFlight_2019-08-20-18-47-17 InfiniteFlight_2019-08-20-18-47-49 InfiniteFlight_2019-08-20-18-47-36


I don’t know your idea of emojis in titles, but that didn’t come through, we don’t use the :emoji-name: here

You’ll have to either use a mobile device to add the emojis, copy them off the internet, or just fully remove them 😉

Yeah i removed them,its was looking odd.

Great photos, and a great flight! :)