Journey to Brussels🇧🇪

Route - LFMN🇫🇷 to EBBR🇧🇪
Aircraft - Airbus a320
Livery - Easyjet (Easy 1645)
Server - Expert
Total Flight time - 1hr 14mins
Distance - about 480nm

🇫🇷LFMN Terminal 2 gate 46C

🚩Holding short runway ‘04L’

🛫Positive rate gear up

🛩French Alps

🛬On Final

🇧🇪The End

Hope you guys liked it😁
Thank you


Time to eat waffles after those beautiful pics🧇

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Thanks mate!😁😁

Nice shots ! Especially the moutains and the angles that you chose.
I guess I’ll do the same flight but to another destination, when able. But I’d prefer to do it on the other A320 livery which is not added yet, but soon I’ll do it, as soon as possible.
Thanks for sharing us your EasyJet flight !

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Thanks bro…Yeah I also like the other easyjet livery
This route is just beautiful I really enjoyed this flight it was short and sweet

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For the flight, it was about 1 hour ? I completely forgot the duration

Yeah total flight time was 1hr 14 mins.

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Those alps shots are great!


Thanks bro!👍😄