journey to antalya

So yesterday was a pretty flying intensive day for me! Let me tell you of my journey!

My flight to antalya departed at 6:10. Now there was a bit if a problem with the taxi I ordered. I didn’t hear it. Neverthekess I arrived at the airport a bit late at 5:50. 😛 Check-in was already made, gate was open, I fkew business-flex (j-class) and had access to allf ast lanes etc. But they didn’t let me through the ticket scanning to enter the airport. I had previously called the gate itself and they told me I had 10 min. So I would have made it easily. But how it came I eventually missed the flight. Straight ti the business rebooking (6am) and trying ti get on the next flight and rebook my flight. Well the next direct flight with free seats would have been in three days. Even tho there are currently 10+ daily flights to antalya from zurich. (the day before an flight to antalya had to return to zurich due to bird in an engine abd these people had taken ALL free seats in the ither flights in the next few days). Only option would be a leg flight. They tried over geneva, frankfurt, austria but no free seats at all. Onyl option would be over istanbul. Now there was another prob with the flight booking I din’t want to bother you with but I lost about 4 hours due to it and I only managed to book the flights because the tui travel agent came to the airport herself (despite it being sunday and 9am and it being her free day). Now the flights were booked: ZRH-IST (swiss economy), IST-ATY (turkish business) and I was able to keep my return flight by buying it again over my old booking (I would have lost it because there was a waiting list for it): AYT-ZRH EDELWEISS AIR Business.
I still hadn’t git my checked in luggage back, so I went to the swiss’ort desk told them what happened and also ti send my luggage to antalya, not to istanbul! (I had ti buy two seperate tickets, one being ZRH -IST and ANtalya-ZRH and the other ticket being IST-AYT. That would have meant I needed to get my luggage in istanbul and check it in fir my transfer glight to antalya again)
Departure to istanbul estimated at 1305, got the swiss star alliance A320 with the new seats and interior, as well as an aisle seat in the emergency exit row (with great leg room comes great responsability). So far so good. Nice flight, some decent shaking. arrived at istanbul a bit late bug everything was fine.
Now istanbul airport is a remarkable airport. I di have indeed never seen such a mess that dared to call itself airport in my whole life. Immigration in america is horror already, but in Istanbul! You just can’t immagine. Nobody has a damn clue what their doing there. So I got sent around for one hour and didn’t even pass imigration then! I had 2.5 hours for transfer and I nearly didn’t make it. I had to run from ibternational to domestic terminal and then had to search my flights gate at this rather ugly airport. If I had baggage to check in i would have been totally screwed. So at the gate we waited for busses and I was like: “Sure is some kind of small aircraft, max an A321!” that small room for the gate was only that big it could at max fit enough people for an A321. Priority boarding ftw, I was the first to be at the aircraft, we drove by some nice turkish A330 and B777s until we actually stopped infront of such a 77W. I was thinking: Are you kidding me? My first B777 flight ever actually! In business! With a lie flat bed! oh hell yeah! Flight departed 1945 and arrived 2139 in antalya. Man those Ge90 are huge! But sure do sound beautiful. I met some nice french guys from Marseille and trued to talk some french with them. I did ok in my opinion. So we arrived at the dinestic Terminal got picked up by bus abd driven to the baggage claim where non of my baggage as well as non of the baggage of the other transfer flyiers arrived. I got a call fron my travel agent then who tol me she called zurich and they said 90% of the baggage flying to istanbul didn’t actually leave zurich. Great. going to lost and found where the guy tells me because i was flying transfer my baggage is in the other international baggage claim hall. Walked through the whole terminal to tje other side were there were literally 100 or more bags lieing around, alone. We all eventually fibd our luggage then! (fun fact, it didn’t travel over istanbul like I did, but was loaded on a direct flight to antalya). The travel agent and the baggage staff in zurich didn’t believe me first that I actually got my two luggage pieces, their, but were reliefed but somehow worries because their pc told them my bags were still in zurich while I was holding them in my hands in antalya. Well it was 10pm noe and I just wanted to get in my Hotel and was walking to the taxi stands. But when I left the terminal I (the only person around in miles) got picked for luggage Check 😂. I did manage to get to my hotel by cab eventually then! and now I’m sitting at a pool drinkikg concktails!


Interesting story. I was 2 times in Antalya. At which neighbourhood are you?


I’m in belek. It’s like the 10th time I’m here in belek ;)

I was at Alanya 2 times.

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About Istanbul airport being a mess, you are certainly correct.
On the other hand Ankara airport is amazing. It’s more cleaner too.
Belek must be nice with all the hotels and resorts :)

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Great Stuff. The trials & Tribulations of international travel in today’s high threat world. I envy you Nick… Have an orange aid and think of us chair bound ex-vagabones. Max Sends

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Istanbul (LTBA) is a bit mess, but Istanbul (LTFJ) is smaller and nicer. I was transit passenger at both airports and can say that Istanbul Sabiha Goekçen is better. After my first plane change in Istanbul Atatuerk I decided to fly and transit via Istanbul Sabiha Goekçen…

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