Journey to Alert Canada; A C-130 Arctic Adventure

Alert, Canada is home to the worlds northernmost airport. Only military aircraft fly here because of the extreme weather conditions and the snow-covered runway. Hearing about this arctic airport inspired me to try flying here in Infinite Flight; to see how difficult it really is. My journey began at Toronto Canada, in the Canadian Air Force C-130J-30. Please let me know which photo was your favorite!

Other Details

Server: Expert
Departing time: 2:00pm Zulu
Flight time: 6 hours 59 minutes

Taking off from runway 23 at Toronto

Flying over the Hudson Bay

The decent and approach into Alert

Coming in for a landing (it was a hard one, folks 😬)

Taxiing in to parking

Which was your favorite?

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Anyways, I really enjoyed this journey and would recommend trying this route for yourself. Thanks for reading this post, and happy flying!


I think the photo with the sun is good


Thanks :D.

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I love the photos, sorry that it was a hard landing


I like the photo with the plane

Yeah, I like that one too.

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Wow! Its 3D

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Surprisingly Alert is 3d, the ICAO is CYLT if you want to check it out.

NICE! Coming from a Northern Canadian

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