Journey Through My Ancestry in IF

Hi all! Today I wanted to present you all a project I created for myself this summer! I recently did an AncestryDNA test, and was sent back my surprising results. My ancestry was scattered all over Europe, the Middle East and Caucasus, and Southern Africa. My plan is to fly all over these regions in IF this upcoming summer, beggining from my home airport, JFK. I plan to fly the specific countries in this region, for example in the Caucasus region, I will be flying in these specific countries.

I plan to fly in the Boeing 787-8 in the IF livery, and will have the itinerary listed below, alongside the map and my results, happy flying!

My AncestryDNA results

My flying schedule in Europe, Middle East and Caucasus, and Southern Africa

That is one looong journey. Pretty interesting to see where your ancestry comes from, and best of luck flying to those destinations this summer!


Thank you! Yes a lot to fly over the next three months!

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How interesting! This will make for some great stories.

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