Journey between Lhasa and Ali

  • Aircraft Information:
    Airline: Tibet Airlines
    Aircraft type:A319-115(SL)

  • Route:

As there is no Tibet Airlines livery in the IF, the Air China livery is used instead.(In any case, Tibet Airlines is the holding company of Air China)


With the dawn still rising, this A319 lifted lightly out of the night in Lhasa and flew to Ali.
The basis for the night flight, however, originated from a test flight on 27 June 2008. Using the world’s first A319 aircraft to complete RNP equipment modifications, Air China successfully completed a night flight test at Lhasa Airport. This ended the 43-year history of no night flights at Lhasa Airport.

Landing in Ali
On 14 July 2022, with the landing of flight TV9807 at Ali Airport using the public RNP (AR) procedure, it marked the official operation of the public RNP (AR) procedure at Ali Airport. This procedure was designed by the China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology(CAST), marking the arrival of a new level of procedure design capability in China.


For the next voyage, @korgast will be with me.

Below the peak of Gang Rinpoche, the aircraft returns to Lhasa using a precise RNP (AR) procedure.

Because Ali Airport is currently the fourth highest airport in the world, accurate performance data needs to be used to ensure flight safety.This is why take-off performance tables are required, which can be generated by PEP software for Airbus aircraft.

As you can see from the ND, OAT 10°C, side wind 7 knots, but as it is blowing from the tail, choose tail wind 8 knots.
After checking the performance table, the MTOW must not exceed 62 tonnes and the V1/R/2 are 122, 138 and 142 knots respectively.

In Lhasa, we used the advanced RNP (AR) procedure for the approach and the trajectory looked like this…

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