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Hello everyone it’s me Jossrun. I understand it has been awhile and life does get busy, as it does to everyone, but I would like to make a return to the ATC Tracking I’ve done before. The last Thread is closed because of the amount of time it has been inactive due to my hiatus. But now I’ve come back and I am ready for more fun and good practice here on IF.

This time around I will not be open as often as before I’d say about 1 - 3 times open a week roughly, nevertheless I still am hyped to be back here on the forum and to the ATC Practices and whatnot. With me on my senior year of school and having a job now I have a tight time schedule but I’ll try my hardest to keep myself active here. With that seeing said let’s get to training!

Link to previous thread ~ HERE

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Now Open

Airport: KFLL
Runway OP: 10L/10R

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I’ll come by for a few patterns:-)

Callsign is N202PC

KFLL is now closed. Thank you.

My feedback, tbh I noticed a major difference in my controlling now than how I was back then, I’ve definitely noticed mistakes I’ve made and repeated messages and unnecessary messages but it’s all good because I’m just now getting back into it. But this was a good warmup.

Maybe in a week or so because I’m in vacation

Thanks for the ATC man, you did a great job overall! Here is some quick feedback for you:

  • After you tell me which direction to do my patterns in (hence “Cleared for takeoff, make left traffic”), you don’t need to tell me again as you did when you cleared me for the option (hence "After the option, make left traffic). Since you told me once, it’s a given and I don’t need to be reminded unless you need to change the direction. On the other hand, make sure you give this command to aircraft which are inbound for a touch and go or that have been switched to a different runway. You weren’t very consistent in this.

  • Some of your clearances where a bit late, you gave me one on final. Remember that you can give them as early as when the aircraft is on crosswind.

  • Try to avoid unnecessary runway changes unless the pilot requests one. The one from 10L to 10R before my departure wasn’t really needed, weather and traffic were favorable where I was.

  • It is advisable to give a frequency change after you approve a departing aircraft.

  • Your transition altitude was incorrect. Transitions should always be at the AGL altitude of the airport plus 2,500ft. In this case it should have been around 2,600ft, not 3,500.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thank you, for the corrections I will be better next time.

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