Jossrun's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

KDAB is now closed.

At 1615Z UTC I will open KEYW

Now Open

Airport: KEYW

Time: 1615Z1715Z UTC

Active Runways: 9

Active Frequencies: Tower and Ground


  • Aircraft size restrictions in effect
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Hi! I was N25513. Everything was perfect except these things:

  • Duplicate frequency change. When I was taxiing to runway 9 I requested a frequency change. Yes, this is wrong and I should just tune out of ground and switch to tower but I wanted to test you. The correct response to that is dupl. freq. change. The reason this is right is because you told me to taxi to runway 9, contact tower when ready so in the taxi instruction you told me to contact tower.

  • After the transition I called inbound and you told me to enter right downwind runway 9 which is correct. Then, you said I was cleared for the option runway 9. You forgot something! Anytime an aircraft is inbound and requesting touch and goes you must tell them left/right traffic.

Everything else was amazing! Can’t wait to see you on the IFATC team. :)

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Hey thank you for coming, I actually knew that about the frequency change but for some reason I thought it would be okay to just give you the clearance anyway since I think you were the only one there but nevertheless its a small mistake. And of course I should have told you to go either left or right traffic, it just went pass me and didn’t think of it.

All good, nice controlling.

KEYW is now closed. Hey guys I would like to apologize for today not running so smoothly as I thought it would. As you guys saw there were a couple pilots that didn’t listen to any instructions at all and threw me off and made everything harder for not only me you guys as well. You all may have noticed I have made quite a few mistakes with the Sequences and Go arounds. It was a jumble and I again i’m sorry. I tried what I could.

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You probably noticed I took off and was sat at a nearby airfield on your frequency just watching for the most part. Your sequencing is good. Transition was fine (you could have cleared me at 2,500 if you wanted as you’re at sea level but 3,000 was fine). You had a troll N6969 and you handled him well issuing all the appropriate get off the runway / check assignments etc. You Issued go-arounds where appropriate. You also noticed someone stopping on the runway on purpose to cause conflict.
If memory serves me right you issued me with a LUAW - I think you could have cleared me without need for LUAW. Only use this if its actually going to speed things up otherwise it just gets in the way. I saw you using extend downwind to get better separation for the cubs (I think?) - extend downwind should be used to manufacture more space to get departures out, then you can tell the aircraft when to turn so you get a bit of clear sky so you can get people in the air. It’s not your responsibility to maintain separation with your pattern folk, just issue go-around if needed. You did this a couple of times anyway so I think you probably know this and we’re frustrated by the speedy cub. I noticed some inappropriate use of pattern entry commands, since the cubs were already in the pattern there is no need to give them an entry. You determine the pattern direction in your take - off clearence and thereafter in the option clearence if you are changing the direction. “Inbound” for land or T&G get pattern entry (or runway change requests). You handled my inbound correctly. With the plenty of people there I think you did really well, a couple more sessions like that and you will be ready… You could try find an airport with more than one runway as IFATC test will have requests for runway changes and you will need to practice those. Well done.

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When you say your sequencing was off, you corrected it so it doesn’t matter. Are you using the flight strip to contact aircraft? That’s a sure way to loose control and send the right commands to the wrong aircraft. Zoom in on your map and touch the plane you want to talk to, that will reduce your errors.

“If memory serves me right you issued me with a LUAW” — Whats that stand for?

Also yes I did use extend downwind to separate the cubs, your right. And I thought I was responsible for the separation, because well at least today N6969 was cutting people off and sometimes the other cubs would have a much wider and longer downwind leg than I expected and when I cleared them as Number 1 they would just get cut off by the other person in which I have told them that your Number 2 traffic to follow is on right downwind. Hence also why I thought my sequencing was off.

And no, I wasn’t purely using the flight strip I was looking at the map practically the entire time and seeing everything unfold.

And someone has told me before that for Transitions I should do 3,000 FT AGL.

LUAW - line up and wait.
Pattern alt is field elevation + 1000 for props and 1500 for jets. Your field elevation was 3ft so jet pattern altitude is 1503. Transition altitude is 1000 above so in this case 2503. 3000 is fine though. You can issue transition upto 5000 above your airfield so 3000 is fine, as is 2500. Anyway, I think you did well especially with that naughty pilot.

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At 2215Z I will open KPNS for a short time I expect maybe around 30 Mins.

Now Open

Airport: KPNS

Time: 2215Z2245Z UTC

Active Runways: 17 and 08

Active Frequencies: Tower and Ground

KPNS is now closed. I will open KFLL later on tonight for parallel runway operations.

At 0215Z UTC I will open KFLL. I would like to step up and try a bigger airport, this one specifically being my home airport. This will be a parallel runway operation as to practice with re-sequencing to the other runway and if possible to handle a larger load of traffic. Final thing this time around I will be open for 1hr 30mns. That means that if you guys want you could fly down here from lets say KATL ( which are official flights ) down here as dedicated arrivals. Feel free to spawn in before hand.

Now Open

Airport: KFLL

Time: 0215Z0345Z UTC

Active Runways: 10L and 10R

Active Frequencies: Tower and Ground

P.S Sorry guys forgot to post this earlier.

KFLL is now closed.

At 1720Z UTC I will open KMLB

Now Open

Airport: KMLB

Time: 1720Z1820Z UTC

Active Runways: 9L and 05 reserved for GA and Citation / 9R open for all types.

Active Frequencies: Tower and Ground