Jossrun's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey all, how are we doing? Today I want to start my ATC Tracking Thread.Throughout my time playing IF I’ve always went on the training server as ATC spawning anywhere to just fill in and help out, and do my best at guiding and vectoring aircraft to the best of my ability. I’ve always thought about starting a thread so I can better myself as a controller; my goal is to improve my reaction time and intuition. It sounds difficult but I know its possible just look at our wonderful IFATC with their ludicrous multi tasking. I do aspire to reach that level but of course the bigger the goal the harder the work so i want to be fully prepared for when the time comes to take that ATC test. Anyone is more than welcome to share their thoughts on my performance, all I ask is to keep it a respectable and mature manner of speaking constructive criticism is very important to me but don’t be rude about it.

All that said, I also wanted to have fun and be a little unique. I for the most part will be in Florida and the Caribbean because for one its local to me and two I want to spread some more attention to those areas because they have some marvelous scenery and it does not have too much traffic. Anyway I hope to see you all there remember to have fun, be courteous to others and give it your best because I will give mine!

I will be open at least once daily, I will announce the location usually 10 to 30 minutes prior to me opening. So try to keep a look out for me!


Now Open

Airport: KTPA

Time: 2200Z-2300Z

Active Runways: 1R/1L/28

I am now closed. Will open later on tonight at KPBI.

Now Open

Airport: KPBI

Time: 0000Z-0100Z

Active Runways: 10R/10L Arrivals only14 Departures only

Tower and ground frequencies will be active.

Pattern Work is allowed

Nice tracking thread! 👍🏼
Will come for a few patterns: PH-ADZ

Sorry I don’t have more time. I d9 know it’s frustrating to wait out your time on a quiet airport.

My first feedback was on your tracking thread. What a wonderful breath of fresh air. Fun to read, some cool stuff about your motivation; it just looked inviting for me. I was about to go to bed, Ben when I saw your thread, I thought “gotta get to know this guy’s controlling’ 😊

And…some great controlling there! 👍🏼
My transition altitude of 5000 feet was too high. With your airport being at sea level, 5000 feet is your airport ceiling. Check out the transition altitude tutorial here.

After I reported inbound, good pattern entry instruction for 10L, with sequence. Awesome!
New sequence instruction after touch and go. Good.

The little,TBM wanted to change to 10R. Remember: first a pattern entry instruction (enter right downwind, runway 10R).

I did like your go-around instruction for me, when we came too close, the runways very very close to each other. A parallel landing would be too risky.

Landing clearance after I reported full-stop. Good.

Runway exit. Good.

Just a tip to avoid giving out speed instructions unless you really see a risk. Don’t use speed instructions for sequencing and seperation. You give out the sequence to each pilot and it’s up to them to maintain seperation. Again, if you see an issue, then a speed instruction can work and will be necessary.

Also, don’t use Ill call your base for sequencing. Avoid it. This instruction is indeed to delay the pilot’s base turn, but is mainly use to enable room for departures to take off.

And remember: you never clear a pilot for number 2 or 3 or etc… without first giving him a sequence instruction.

Send me a DM if you have any questions.


Good job but you have to adjust details!
-Transitions are given at 3,000 ft AGL and you were giving them at 5,000 ft AGL

-I am XA-EGL

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Ah okay thank you much appreciated will remember that. Also does it vary from airport to airport what altitudes should be give for transitions?

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I will send feedback via pm

KPBI is now closed, thank you for all who came really appreciated.

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It varies depending on the airport altitude, the transition should always be about 3000 feet above the airport

At 0330Z I will open KFLL for an hour.

So about 10 minutes from now.

Now Open

Airport: KFLL

Time: 0330Z-0400Z

Active Runways: 10L/10R

Active Frequencies: Tower and Ground

KFLL is now closed.

Sorry that it was shorter than what i normally do which is an hour, I realized i needed to go to sleep.

Tommorow morning I’ll open up KFLL again, stay tuned!


Good Morning peeps fresh morning today. I will open KFLL at 1500Z this time for an hour.

Now Open

Airport: KFLL

Time: 1500Z-1600Z

Active Runways: 10L/10R

Active Frequencies: Tower and Ground

Sorry guys I have to go unexpected things popped up IRL.

Hey you all I’m back, sorry for the unexpected leave. In T-20 minutes at 2200Z I will open MDPP for the usual hour.

This is a Single Runway Airport so expect longer downwinds and back taxi commands as well as expediting.

Now Open

Airport: MDPP

Time: 2200Z2300Z

Active Runways: 08

Active Frequencies: Tower and Ground

Remember to contact Tower before entering the runway because there are no taxiways that lead all the way to the end of either sides. Therefore Tower will need to give you the Back Taxi command to both Enter and Exit the runway.

MDPP is now closed. Will open KDAB at 0030Z

Now Open

Airport: KDAB

Time: 0030Z0130Z UTC

Active Runways: Airliners Only use 25R for Dedicated Departures/Arrivals — GA Aircraft only use 25L or 34.

Active Frequencies: Tower and Ground