joslleymiguel_holand ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED) @ LFPG

  • training server
  • pattern work allowed
  • open: 1 hour
  • please follow ATC instructions and be patient

Why no pattern work?

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Just a word of advice, if you are looking for feedback regarding your controlling then the best bet is to allow pattern work to allow people to stay in your airspace and experience your service longer.


I’ll come by, my callsign will be D-3CO


Im coming as well

Also just realised that you have another tracking thread here.

Be sure to only use one tracking thread in the future and just edit the topic as necessary.

If you want to use this one, I recommend getting the other one closed.

Why’d you start a new thread? There was no reason to start a new one.

I did not find the old one so I decided to make a new one.

Okay, stick to this one now.

I’ve flagged the other one to be closed.

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Hey @joslleymiguel_holand sorry I only had the time to do 1 pattern, but how you would like your feedback? Here or via PM?

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you can send it here

Here’s some feedback:

  1. When you clear me for the option, you do not have to tell me ‘Make Left Traffic’ if I’m already flying a left traffic pattern.

    The correct time to use ‘Make Left/Right Traffic’ is if you want the person to change pattern direction for a runway change, or the pilot themselves has requested a runway change.

  2. Also, when I called ‘D-3CO is on left downwind, Runway 26R full stop’ you don’t have to give me ‘Clear to land’ as you have already given me ‘Cleared for the option’. Cleared for the option covers everything from touch and goes, stop and goes and full stop landings.

Apart from that you did really well! Keep up the awesome work, and hope to attend another ATC session of yours in the future!


To add on, “make left/right traffic” must be sent in the clearance when an aircraft calls inbound for touch and go.


I said left after the option, at least that’s how they taught me, if it’s wrong, confirm it here for me, anyway it was nice to see you there, thanks

Yes, since I was already making left traffic, you don’t need to say ‘Make left traffic’ again, as I’m not changing pattern direction or runway.

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OK thank you.

Good job
Nothing further to add on the feedback above .
My first clearance was a bit late so i had to tell you my postion , but everything else went smooth and good 👍
Thanks for the service

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thanks for coming

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