Joshua_Bayes_Green ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Open at EGLL 24th Aug 1300z-Closed 1340z
Open at KASE 24th Aug 2213z-Closed 2240z
Open @ KASE 1st Oct 1405Z

I’ll come and stop by for pattern work 😉

Thanks, Whats your call sign?

Infinite Flight 707 is my callsign ;)

Ok thank you very much

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Controlling feedback

Great service! Controlling and pattern work was overal great, however there are some things you need to work on.

What you need to improve on:
Firstly, you should clear me before I entered left base 27L, you should clear and sequence as soon as possible. Second, there is no pattern instruction needed because you already told me to make left traffic, which is basically same as pattern instructions you gave me. Third, no need to say “After the option, make left traffic” every time. Just need to say cleared for the option.

What you did positive:
I liked when you cleared “Go-around” because there was a plane on the runway. Sequencing was perfect when there was a plane in front of me. Good knowledge clearing for pattern work, and other things.
Here are the screenshots:

I recommend you watch this tutorial:

I hope you look at those and I wish you to improve. It was awesome flying with your ATC :)

Athanks, Sorry about the mistakes it was jsu trying to deal with aircraft on the ground that weren’t as knowledgeable and I reverted to checklist mode.

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