JoshSmithely_IFATC is outstanding

@JoshFly8 is one of the most skillful and calm controllers I have ever seen on approach. I am literally sitting here still astounded at what an awesome job he did

He took seven of us…all in a short line and clumped up…and separated us extremely well so that we ended up like this! I don’t know how he does it but I thought you guy should know! Here is one outstanding IFATC!


I don’t see the difference…

there all beautiful…


Very 100% true!
But tonight he stood out amongst the crowd. I am not saying that they all aren’t amazing and brilliant and wonderful but Josh really took the approaching to a new level

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to me he’s just another beutiful controller…

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Yeah I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. He is part of the approach gods group

Okay I’m glad you think that :)

AMEN!!! Beautifully put for @JoshFly8

Best ATC ever.

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Nothing better than him.

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Great job, Josh! 👏🏻


He vectored us blob of five aircraft around into a perfect line! It was amazing!


Please respond to my PM ASAP.

He is training me for ATC so maybe I’ll be like that. 😏😏


He’s great at ATC but his landings are sketchy 😂


Artistic! 👍👍👍

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The dude knows how to rock some serious controlling

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I also want to get posts like this 😣😣😣😂😂


Don’t we all? :P

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He Also have Wonderful landings that it is like the Ryan Air Wonderful landings…
He is great controller

Yup. Josh is an amazing controller. I was in that clump yesterday and it was absolutely magincicent how he seperated us so we are the perfect distance apart. Well done josh! 👏

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