Josh_Tomaz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Thanks for coming by!
On that last part, when I told you to turn base, I did it because you never read back my previous instruction (landing clearance)
Thanks for dropping by, once again!

Open! You pick the airport and frequency!

What airport are you controlling?



Sure! See you now.

Hi, sorry for the short flight and late response, had to go.

Good ATC service! Good clear instructions. I tried tricking you a few times by requesting pushback in a TBM, duplicate frequency change and calling inbound after being cleared, but you were very aware of what was happening and corrected me

2 small feedback things:

  • There was no need to instruct me to make left traffic when you gave me clearance for the 2nd option. The pilot will keep flying the same pattern after the option unless instructed otherwise.

  • There was a 20kts tailwind for rwy 16 so you shouldn’t have allowed me to change to that rwy in my TBM, but the rwy change itself was handled well.

Anyways, good awareness and thanks for your service!

Are you open?

It was last edited on December the 5th so most likely not
@Josh_Tomaz don’t forget to edit the title once you’re closed

Hey all, I’m open, once again, you guys pick where I control!

LEBL 😊 (Barcelona)

Alrighty! On my way!

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I’ll see if I can come too!

Ofcourse you can :)

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Callsing: IFSPAIN

Aircraft: A320 Vueling

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@Othman_Asli Thanks for that :)
If you have any feedback please share
Pretty fun, aside from the guy who first requested taxi when he hadn’t even pushed back, then, after I told him to push back, he was in the middle of pushing back, asked to taxi to runway. I told him to push back, next minute he’s already holding short of the runway, I sent him back to ground and told him to wait for clearance. Then he spawns in again, pushes back well, but now taxies through terminals and grass? :facepalm:

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