Josh_Tomaz || ATC Tracking Thread || Open EGLC

Airport: EGLC

Status: Open

Server: TS

My goal: I want to improve my ATC Skills and learn from your criticism what I can and can’t do better.

Feedback: I welcome all negative and positive feedback, please leave it below in this thread.

Hope to see you at one of my openings!

Open at EGLC now, come down!

OK, I’m there as Flyer 9949, and announced my intention to remain in the pattern. When you clear me for take off you need to give an instruction as to whether I should turn right or left to get into the downwind. I chose right as that’s what planes do in real life at EGLC.

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London City is now closed, Good day.

LSZH is now open. Come down!

Would love to come @Josh_Tomaz, but I cant atm. Will keep an eye out for later

LSZH is now Closed, thanks for the flights guys

Open at EGLC, come down and enjoy some short haul routes. (Training Server)

@Josh_Tomaz please actually look at the tutorial first, you almost did everything you can do wrong
The first step to improve is to learn, then to practice, not to just try and learn in the process, ATC doesn’t work this way

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Here’s a link to all ATC tutorials if you’re wondering :)

You came in the ERJ right?
Did you see how fast you taxied? Are you trying to take off on the taxiway? Did you see your bank angle? I told you to go left downwind you went upwind. What else? Oh, Overshooting the runway? Shall I bring up anything else?

Hmm, if you don’t mind me uploading the recording and let everyone see what kind of “problem” you are referring to I don’t mind doing it


BTW, 20kts taxiing speed is no where near too fast, and no where near taking off


You never even followed the taxiways, You litteraly taxied right through 3 gates.

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Oh, so it is not about taxing speed, it is about taxing through gate now?
And what about overshooting the runway and going upwind? You have anything to “say”?
Just as you say as many thing as you like, I have video proof, and if you allow, I will share it


Guys, take it to a PM if you want to bicker.


Please actually read the main thread, I am looking to improve my skills, I approve criticism, But there is no need to throw a tantrum like a 7 year old because the ATC controller isn’t perfect.


Take it to a PM, now.