Josh_Smith's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KCCR

    Welcome to Josh-Smith ATC Tracking Thread!

Today I will be controlling at KCCR!
Here is a picture of the airport:

I will be controlling for 1 hour.

Hope to see you their soon!

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I will be controlling for 1 hour

Some on by, fly some patterns,and give me feedback on what I did incorrectly

I’ll come along now. Do i have to use a GA aircraft?

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As long as your plane is able to fit at a gate

I’ll swing by in a bit.

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Assessment: 1. Keep in mind when to use “extend downwind” use it when there’s a traffic conflict that would occurs when a normal pattern is made.
2. Keep in mind that if I had done a touch and go. I would’ve climbed into that a318. He should’ve been issued a “enter downwind” command. Otherwise good.

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Thanks for the help

I was the A318:
Good things to keep up:

  • When i requested frequency change, you told me that i’d already been instructed to
  • Great timing on all the sequencing and clearing me for the option
  • Extremely pro active in telling me to go around
  • Good timing of the exit runway command (i was at about 50knots)
  • It wasn’t me but good job on that transition, perfect altitude.

Things to work on:

  • I requested to cross runway 36, you should’ve told me to cross runway 18 as that runway was in use
  • Should’ve told me to descend to pattern altitude. I was flying at 2500 when i should’ve been flying at 2100 (1500 for jets + 600ft airport elevation)

Overall, very impressive! You’ll pass in no time!


Thanks for the feedback!

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  • after my transition was complete, I called inbound for landing, but you did not give pattern entry and went straight to clearance

that’s all. Everything else was great!

Yeah I realized that but it was too late for me to give you clearance. Thanks for the feedback!

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I’m opening again for 30 minutes

Come on by and fly a few Patterns. I will accept any feedback.

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Sorry I had to leave, I couldn’t hear my engines. Anyway, I should’ve been issued a pattern after the option or in the initial clearance. I didn’t know which way to turn. Hopefully more people show next time!

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Thanks for the feedback! I thought I told you to make left traffic.

I will be controlling for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Come before my ATC training today.

I will be open for an hour! Fly some patterns and give me feedback! I will accept anything.

I am controlling at KCCR now. I will be controlling for 1 hour! Hope to see you their!

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