Joseph007's Colorado TBM-930 Tour!

Joseph007’s Colorado TBM Tour

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Hello community! I will be doing a TBM tour in the state of Colorado in the United States these next few months. I will be trying to stay away from the bigger airports in Colorado such as Denver and Colorado Springs. I will only be doing regional airports and other smaller airports like Eagle County, Montrose, Telluride, Durango, and Aspen Pitkin County. If you guys have any suggestions on airports let me know. Also you guys can attend and I will have a schedule for the routes at least a day in advance.

Airports Being Visited Chronologically


Tad More Info

- These all will be VFR flights

- I am trying to stay in the Rocky Mountain area but I can go a little bit out of it if someone suggests an airport out of it

- All these flights will be on Expert

I Have been to many parts of Southern Colorado in real life and it is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve only visited KDRO and KTEX which are pretty cool and very pretty airports. I am hoping I can spread the VFR love to others out there and show the beautiful parts of Colorado.

I hope some of you guys can join me as I tour the State of Colorado. Also I am open to suggestions if I have missed a very cool airport.

My Schedule

KTEX - KGUC on 2019-01-20T18:30:00Z

Completed Routes


Thanks and hope you can come along!


When you come by, this is my home airport! Definetly will come by on that leg 😄


I would add KAPA, I would definitely come along then. KAPA is one of the busiest GA airports in the whole country, and I live by it. If you flew there, I would love to join you.

Also, Grand Junction (GJT) is a beautiful spot!


I will fit KAPA in where it would go best! Thanks for the airport!


Maybe KMTJ?

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I would recommend a couple more airports:


Missed spelled the ICAO. It is now corrected, thanks for the catch!

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Oh, sorry… you’re welcome?

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Sounds fun! I will try to find a time to join.

P.S. Your image source is the image.

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Yes it will be fun! That would be great.

Got the credit fixed also.

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Omg 😮. The scenery is just beautiful! I’m glad I get to live here!!

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Somehow I forgot to reply to this topic… I saw it, just didn’t reply. Oops!

I hope I can join you for a few of these legs! I’d love to go on a TBM tour around my marvelous state :)

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A little less than 4 hours till my first leg!

Try and join!

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Starting in about 35 minutes!

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Hey I’m back!

Going to do KTEX-KGUC in the next coming days! Stay tuned!

Although parking is limited, I suggest Stevens Field (KPSO) it is a beautiful area close to KDRO and is also in the same town that is home to the world’s deepest hot springs. This could be a great place along the way to do a touch and go or refuel !!

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I originally had that in my flight plan! I know it is a really cool area in real life, I’ve been there! I have also been to the hot springs and to Wolf Creek Ski Area to ski! The only reason I left it out was because the airport isn’t edited and doesn’t have any parking spaces.

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Dude I live near it too!!


Yes, that is a big problem! I worked there for a year and also go skiing at Wolf Creek ski area every year.

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I will definitely try to make it! GUC is one of my favorite airports :)

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