Joseph007's ATC Tracking Thread (Closed)

Hey this is my tracking thread, come down to Phoenix!

Pattern work is allowed

Also feedback is allowed

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I’m Inbound as Southwest 4881. See you there!

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Thanks for everyone that came!

Hey I’m currently open at Denver!

Come on down

Pattern work is accepted!

On my way for some patterns

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Thank you for everyone that showed, feedback is welcome

Hi there, my callsign was “CIROC” had to leave because something came up… anyway here’s some feedback:

  • Just the first time you say “Cleared for the option, make left/right” (1st Clearance) is where you say the pattern entry, after that just clearance is enough.
  • I was on Left downwind whe requested runway change to 07, you said “enter right downwind” it should’ve been “enter left downwind 07”.
  • After that☝🏻, the command you gave me was “cleared to land runway 07”. Remember I’m remaining on the pattern, so my intention is to do touch and goes so it would be “cleared for the option, make left/right traffic”.
  • When I changed to 34L, the pattern entry was correct “enter right base 34L” but then you said “enter straight in 34L”. The first pattern entry was good and the second was unnecessary. Follow this plan for runway changes and inbounds: Pattern entry ➡️ Sequence (if needed) ➡️ Clearance.
  • Saw you expediting departures with the LUAW command, good job there.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to clear me for every pattern. On my last pattern on 34L after Pattern entry didn’t receive any clearance.

If any problem or concern my pm always open
Keep it up,

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