@Joseph_Krol ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Before I control today, I will give that tutorial a watch.

I’ve watched the tutorial, and I’m ready to give it a go again, @KPIT, @SAMMY_DROUBI and @GolferRyan. It’d also be nice if you could ‘re-grade’ me, @Gonzous or @nk1021.

I am opening up at KIWA, (Phoenix-Mesa/Gateway Airport.) Come and fly within beautiful scenery!

Runway 12C is closed, use only 12L and 12R.

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i suggest re-opening your atc thread if you did not already as most people dont read 72 comments :P
iI have to leave in 45 mins so i can fly patterns for 30 minutes

i will fly out about 20 nm then turn around and see how do you with enterting me into the pattern.

Okay, let’s see how I do. Maybe fly from another airport, into mine?

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i recomend looking into this and getting in touch if you want some advice from the pros and this the first step to being IFATC.

I did once, and they never responded. I was told to only contact them once…

who did you contact?

I contacted @ Tom_Grollman.

i recommend either posting the ATC category how your training message didnt go through or remesaging your recruiter with how long ago you set the message. make sure you open a new p.m thread as replying to very old ones cant alway be trusted. (personal experience talking there)

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Hey I’m about to start a tracking thread for my approach training. Can I work with you?

Sure! I’d love to have some help.

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here is what i’ve noticed:
very well done job of pattern work, didnt over sequence, over control, good job
~ tell me which way to turn after the option because if I turned left i could have messed up your deps/arrivals.
~ when i flew inbound you did that great
~ i recommend using the reminders tab when you tap on planes( its there for a reason) to remind yourself to clear planes for the option, make l/R traffic etc.
~when I said “83af on final full stop” that is when you give me exit runway instructions as i indicated i wasnt remaining in the pattern
~ good job letting the commercial plane get in front of the cessna.
~you are a good controller just use the reminder section and watch the ATC guides, you have improved from yesterday
~ thank you and well done, keep up the good work!
got to go now and get ready. ill be back around 12 CDT( 3 hours)

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Ok I will be there in 10 minutes or less

Thanks! Glad to hear that I have improved.

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I’m open and I hope to work with you soon on the Expert Server. ;)

Nice! I don’t think you’ll find it very busy, though.

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It’s ok. I’m a patient person 😂😂

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@Joseph_Krol, Approach and Departure are basically the same thing

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Uhhh, sorry I can’t come down now, let me know when you are open again today or another day and I would be glad to come down🙃

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