@Joseph_Krol ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

I’m going to take the IFATC test soon, so I’d like for you to help review me on my controlling. Below is the airport I am open at, and the frequencies I am on.






Happy flying!


Can I do some pattern work?
That’s mainly what the practical is on.

Sure! As long as you’re not in an insanely fast aircraft, you’re good.


I’ll hop in a Cessna Citation :)

Cool! See you there. Just remember, TS1. I’ll update the description with that.

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Coming on over, CRJ-200

Awesome! From where?

I’ll give you a long final, so as to remain clear of the F-14.

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will you be open still in 30?
id love to hop by in a 739

I don’t see anything as of right now that would prevent me from me being open that long. See ya!

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Ill be there in a few minutes

Cool! Can’t wait! Are you starting there, or coming in?

ill be starting there

Bit embarassing there at the end, no?

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Are you referring to when me and him almost crashed on the taxiway?

Yeah. Tower can’t do ‘give way’ commands.

Alright, you suffer from what we call over-controlling:
-No need to have to call everyone’s base, they’re gonna do that on their own. This should only be used if it’s busy or there’s certain runway restrictions.
-No need to tell me to turn final; that just baffles me completely.
-If an aircraft is in the pattern and has not specified if they’re landing or doing T&G, clear them for the option. That way they have the option to land or T&G.

Also side note: the CRJ-200 is complete garbage. 😜

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Fortunately you are also a ground controller. So you should have swapped over to ground and asked me to give way to aircraft exiting runway

That would have put you nose to nose…