Jorgem’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ SBGR

good afternoon folks! I’m training to apply for the IFATC test, so I’ll be online from 1:20 in Guarulhos SBGR from TWR/GRND! I count on you gifts! Good flights!

Obs: I miss if more controllers are interested in operating in the Latin American region… a region with very particular operations due to geographic complexity… I invite you ATC to also have this experience…


Airport: SBGR
Frequencies: Ground / Tower
Runways use: Normal ops 09L - 09


So you prefer me to open other GT right?

Hello! Thanks for your interest in IFATC! If you are training, this should be a ATC tracking thread, like this:

jorgem’s ATC Tracking Thread [OPEN] @ SBGR

If you are doing a tracking thread then format the title like this.

Hey there, I’ve changed your title to suit the needs of the #atc category. Once you’re closed, please change the title to [CLOSED]. I look forward to seeing you join IFATC, I’m sure you’ll be there sooner rather than later.

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Wassup man! I was YH-HEY and i noticed some flaws. When I requested pushback clearance you allowed me to pushback and exactly after that you allowed the aircraft behind me to pushback. Your either supposed to tell him to hold position or giveway to aircraft then give him permission after I am out of the way. And I stayed in the patern you gave me correct depurture sequences it was just that when I called left downwind you gave said that I was cleared to land(without me even saying that I want to land) in that case you should give a cleared for the option which allows the pilot to touch and go, full stop and do a missed approach. And after I did a touch and go you then gave me cleared for the option with correct patter work but then after a few seconds you said that I was cleared to land which is unnecesary as you already gave me the option to do what I want(cleared for the option) i recomend polishing your skills and reading the guide book on being atc .

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