Jorge Chavez to Alejandro Velasco Astete || Airbus A320-200 || LATAM

Jorge Chavez to Alejandro Velasco Astete || Airbus A320-200 || LATAM

Hello all, how are you today? I am going to share some of my best (in my opinion) Infinite Flight edits with you. Now as you know from this topic I no longer have a pro subscription. That is still the same, this flight was did almost one month ago when I did have a pro subscription. I was a little scared doing this flight as it is a very dangers approach. But I put my trust in the instrument produce and attitude restrictions and low and behold, it was grand. When I get a pro subscription this is a flight I will be doing again, 100%. Now enough chat, let’s get onto the pictures.

All pictures are within the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos. They can be found here :)

Flight Details

Flight Time: Fifty One minutes
Route: SPJC to SPZO (Jorge Chavez to Alejandro Velasco Astete)
Aircraft: A320-200
Airline: LATAM
Notes: If you yourself want to try this flight do not use a STAR. Go right for the approach for runway 28. For this flight use R28 with the DARKI transition.
Recommended: 100%!!! Stunning approach, you need to try this I am telling you.

1: Pushback

2: Off We Go!

3: Gear Up

4: There Is That Scary Terrain

5: Starting Our Approach, Full Trust In The Instrument Produce

6: Stunning

7: I Was So Scared At This Point

8: It Is Weird, You Don't Go For The ILS Cone

9: Not A Bad Tailwind Landing

10: At Gate After Such A Memorable Flight

Thank you for viewing my screenshot topic, all pictures were lightly edited in Adobe Lightroom Mobile :)
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Nicely done! Pictures are great and the scenery is amazing :)

Cool pictures, the scenery looks very vibrant 😍

Happy Flying :)

Cuzco <3
And if you were scared to fly this during the day, just imagine it at night with no moon

almost crashed into a mountain

Thanks @ran

@Captain_Cign Thanks!

@Lucas_Piedra I did fly at night, turned day on final so I could see the runway. I put my trust in the produce :)

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Some lovely Scenery Shots Luke πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Thank you very much!

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