Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport Guide - SPJC

Jorge Chavez International Airport - Guide

By @nicopizarro

Last Updated: April 2021

Welcome to Jorge Chavez International Airport! This is Peru busiest and biggest airport and it’s located on Lima, its capital city. On this guide, you will find information about procedures, terminals, airlines in operation and more. It will be updated when needed. If you have questions, feel free to send me a PM.

In normal conditions, Lima Airport has around 22 million passengers each year. This is an impressive number considering it has only one available runway. The airport is able to receive up to the Airbus a380 or the Boeing 747. Check out the following runway information:

Runways Heading Size (ft) Surface Elevation ILS Equipped
15 156º 11520 x 147 Asphalt 113 ft Yes
33 336º 11520 x 147 Asphalt 113 ft No

Lima has got a big range of destinations considering that it serves as a primary connecting airport for many countries in South America. For example, it’s a commonly used connecting airport for many flights from Santiago de Chile to the U.S. It serves as one of LATAM’s main HUBs. Below, you can find the airlines and routes they operate.

International Airlines & Destinations

North America
  • LATAM (B767/787 - Los Angeles // Miami // New York // Orlando // Cancun // Mexico City)
  • Air Canada (a330 - Toronto)
  • Delta Airlines (B767 - Atlanta)
  • American Airlines (B787/a321 - Dallas // Miami)
  • JetBlue (a320 - Fort Lauderdale)
  • United (B757 - Newark)
  • Interjet (a320 - Cancun // Mexico City)
  • Aeromexico (B737 - Mexico City)

(*) Non-direct flights.

Central America
  • LATAM (a320 - San Jose // La Habana // Montego Bay // Punta Cana)
  • Avianca (a320 - San Jose // San Salvador)
  • Copa Airlines (B737 - Panama City)

(*) Non-direct flights.

South America
  • LATAM (a320/B767/B787 - Buenos Aires // Cordoba // Mendoza // Rosario // Salta // Tucuman // La Paz // Santa Cruz de la Sierra // Brasilia // Foz do Iguaçu // Porto Alegre // Rio de Janeiro // Sao Paulo // Antofagasta // Calama // Concepción // Santiago de Chile // Bogota // Cali // Cartagena de Indias // Medellin // Guayaquil // Quito // Asuncion // Montevideo)
  • JetSmart (a320 - Concepción // Santiago)
  • Avianca (a320/a330/B787 - Bogota)

(*) Non-direct flights.

  • LATAM (B787 - Madrid // Barcelona)
  • Iberia (a350 - Madrid)
  • Air Europa (B787 - Madrid)
  • Air France (B777 - Paris)
  • KLM (B777 - Amsterdam)

(*) Non-direct flights.

National Airlines & Cargo

National Airlines
  • LATAM (a320 - Arequipa // Ayacucho // Cajamarca // Jaén // Cuzco // Jauja // Trujillo // Chiclayo // Iquitos // Puerto Maldonado // Ilo // Piura // Talara // Juliaca // Tarapoto // Tacna // Tumbes // Pucallpa)
  • SKY Airlines (a320 - Arequipa // Ayacucho // Cuzco // Trujillo // Iquitos // Puerto Maldonado // Piura // Juliaca // Tarapoto // Tumbes // Pucallpa)

(*) Non-direct flights.

  • LATAM Cargo (B767/77F - Miami // Campinas // Rio de Janeiro // Santiago de Chile)
  • Avianca Cargo (a33F - Bogota // Medellin // Miami)
  • Korean Air Cargo (B77F - Campinas // Los Angeles // Miami // Seoul)
  • Lufthansa Cargo (UNK - Frankfurt)
  • Qatar Cargo (B77F - Campinas // Doha)
  • Swiss Cargo (UNK - Zurich)
  • Atlas Air (B74F - Miami)

(*) Non-direct flights.

Jorge Chavez Intl. Airport has only one terminal, which is divided into International and Regional flights depending on occupancy. It has lots of Remote Stands which can be used by any aircraft. See the Infinite Flight Map below:

Infinite Flight - SPJC Map

SPJC is located in the sea shore of Lima. Runway 15 is the frequently used runway and it’s equipped with an Instrumental Landing System (ILS); this gives the controller a wide space to maneuver over the ocean, avoiding the increasingly high terrain on its left downwind; in fact all STARs use SPJC West side. Both runways have RNAV approaches as well.

You can search charts and more IRL procedures on the following link:

Not sure about Lima yet?

I recommend one of my favorites flights in South America, where you will enjoy amazing views of the Andes!

Lima (SPJC) - Cuzco (SPZO)

On the following link you can watch an amazing approach and landing into Cuzco.

None of the images used for this guide are of my property, credits to their respective owners. Please let me know if you have any doubts, I’ll be happy to help.

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