JordxnE's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ PRACTICAL PASSED!

As of the 10th of June 2023 I have passed my practical. Thanks to all who helped


Tag me next time you open

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@Butter575 I am open :)

@Butter575 I’m now open at YBSU on the training server.

Feel free to tag me next time you open. Right now a bit busy so wont be able to attend the session now.

No problems will do :).

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Now closed. Thanks to those who came out :).

Feedback | YU-KII


  • Pattern entry ✅
  • clearance ✅
  • Hold short for Test flight 01 ✅
  • ⚠️ I didn’t understand why the LUAW for test flight 01, I was already airborne and a C172 is clearly slower than a 738.

2nd pattern:

  • sequence for Test flight ✅
  • clearance both ✅
  • transition alt for test flight ✅
  • ⚠️ after a transition the aircraft should call inbound so the already cleared to land shouldn’t be used
  • exit command ✅
  • second one was unnecessary, you can give a please expedite if you want.

I would recommend using left traffic here because there was mountain on the right side and nothing on the left.

anyway it was confusing because he wasn’t very good

Please read my feedback and tag me the next time @JordxnE

Test Flight 01 was a bit annoying. They had requested a transition though the airspace which I gave then requested landing again even though on there initial roll they requested the pattern (to my own knowledge a pattern doesn’t mean the aircraft will head for a transition through the airspace). I was originally going to give left hand pattern due terrain cause in the real world they don’t give rights but right hand pattern was a good entry and I stuck with it from there. I didn’t actually mean to click the command for exit runway again I had it setup thinking it was ready for Test Flight 01 however it was instead you so an error on my part and as I went to give a correction disregard it was to late. But it is good feedback to take on. Thanks :)

EDIT: To add to the above I haven’t really done a transition during a downwind leg when an aircraft takes off to remain in the pattern.

Yeah I understand what you mean if you accepted the transition it’s already too late for denying it, and after that, he didn’t did it it so I was like, why this noob causing problem in the session 🫠, the trainee will be confused and it finally ended like that, hope newt time he doesn’t come

Feel free to tag me next time you open

@Butter575 @Joel_Albert @Yukiros_31 @Aviator_PdJ

I’m now open at YMEN.

@Butter575 @Joel_Albert @Yukiros_31 @Aviator_PdJ

I’m now open at YBRM.

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Are you still open?

Sorry i was busy today, but please keep tagging me

Thanks everyone, I have now passed my practical. Your feedback and kindness was both helpful and appreciated. See you all in the skies!


Welcome to the team @JordxnE!!!

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Congrats 🎉 and welcome to the team

Once again, congratulations on passing your practical test. It was a pleasure training you and I can’t wait to see you grow and develop as a controller within the IFATC team.

See you in the tower!

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