Jones Beach Long Island Air Show

I’m just curious to know if anyone is currently attending (or was) at the Jones Beach Airshow on Long Island today. It’s also being done again tomorrow I think.


I will probably be attending tomorrow. All the aircraft have to fly over my town to get to the beach.

EDIT: Turns out I’m most likely heading to KFRG to do some planespotting. Will hopeully see the Blue Angels’ F-18s and some WW2 bombers, like the B-29 “Fifi”, B-17 (this flew over my school on the way to practice for the airshow the other day), and the B-25.


Yes I was here today, had some great flyovers and the blue Angels were absolutely amazing!

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When are they not?

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I saw my teacher yesterday at the airshow too…talk about awkward! 😂

Hey, I’ve had worse. Once, I saw my summer day camp bus driver at Disney when I was 8!

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Oh wow…😂

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