JonathanB's ATC Tracking Thread - KDVT - [OPEN]

Hey guys,

I just passed my written ATC exam and am looking to get some more practice with specific areas.

KDVT - Deer Valley

Each session will last 20-30 minutes.

I’m looking to get more practice with:

  • pattern work in general
  • runway changes
  • transitions
  • arrivals

I recommend KPHX if you’d like to fly inbound.



Hey! Add me to your ping list and let me know when you open.

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Thanks, how do I add you to a ping list?

Just keep list of people who’ve signed up and ping them when you’re gonna have a session. You can add me too btw. I’m not IFATC so my feedback may not be as helpful but I can still contribute to the traffic I guess.



Starting in 23 minutes

Sorry I wasn’t available… Maybe next time. Also most people aren’t gonna be available for 1-2 hours each session. Expect more like 20-30 minutes a session.

No worries. All I had was a Cessna that randomly joined and departed north.

20-30 minutes is fine. I just meant that I will probably stick around for longer if anyone joins late. I’m going to edit that since it might be confusing. Thanks!

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Feel free to add me to the ping list. ◡̈

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Heyy, congrats for passing the IFATC Written Test.
Ping me if you’re open, I’ll come if I have free time.

I recommend using “Insert Date/Time” as I have listed below, so you no longer need to include EST or UTC time.

and make sure to put [CLOSED] or [OPEN] in your thread title.

Thank You!

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Starting in 40 minutes

Extending another 20 minutes from the time of this post if anyone decides to join.

Add me in for ping list

It’s over. Didn’t have anyone show up and I’m taking the practical test tomorrow, but I’ll update this if I don’t pass the first try.