Jonanjima Beach Park Spotting

Welcome fellow pilots to my Infinite Flight spotting topic. This is a new (maybe) series of Infinite Flight spotting in which I spot airplanes in IF, but with a catch: I must choose a realistic spotting position, so no standing on the runway or floating positions. This is my first one, so my positioning will be a bit off, but I hope you enjoy!

Server: Expert
Aircraft: A350-900, B777-300ER, B777-200ER, A330-300
Airport: Tokyo Haneda Intl. Airport (RJTT)
Spotting Location: Jonanjima Beach Park

Japan Airlines flight 503, a beautiful Airbus A350-900 on short final in the Japan Airlines livery from New Chitose Airport (RJCC) to Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) with a flight time of 1 hour, 39 minutes landing at runway 16L.

@Jared_1 as All Nippon Airways flight 52 holding short, runway 16L in the Boeing 777-300ER.

@IFJ_PinkPanther_JPN as Omni Air International flight 271 in the Boeing 777-200ER waits behind ANA52 for takeoff.

JAL503 makes final adjustments for landing with ANA52 and OAE271 holding short of runway 16L.

@Rhys_xbx as Air China flight 212 in the Airbus A330-300 from Beijing Capital Intl. Airport passes overhead on final to runway 16L.

As always, I hope you enjoyed these few shots and please say some airports you would like for me to spot at. If you want me to specifically spot on a certain day, feel free to message me. Anyways, that’s all for today and I hope you have an amazing rest of your day.


Wow nice shots! Pretty good spotting area

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Great catches! Hoping to see more of this kind of posts!

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Thanks for the compliment! It was a nice area to spot but a bit low @BlueThunder08 .

Thanks @Thomas_Cunningham . I will most likely do more airports and spotting areas in the future.


Wow nice shots ! I love the 4th one !

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Glad you enjoyed them!

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