Jon_H's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED PRACTICAL EXAM]

Hey there, IFC–

I’m applying for IFATC and just passed my written exam today. I’m starting this tracking thread for feedback, so that I can improve my ATC skills before taking my practical exam.

Any and all feedback welcome!



Congrats! Looking forward to flying in Your area!

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Open now at KSSC.

I’ll stop by for a bit.

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RED1: I lagged and spun a ton so i just left to not cause any trouble.

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Okay, I’m coming!

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I was N217BX. Here is some things you can improve on.

  1. Runway changes. Here, you told me to enter left downwind on 4L. I requested 4R. About a minute later, you said I was cleared for 4R. I knew what you meant, but an inexperienced pilot might not had known.
  2. I would advise clearing for the option a bit earlier, but it’s just a personal preference thought.
  3. You issued my go-around way too late, as I was already on the ground.
  4. You don’t need to clear me to land when I’m cleared for the option. The option clears me for a touch and go, a full stop, and a stop and go.
  5. Aircraft in the air have more priority than the aircraft on the ground.

If you work on these, you do have a good chance on passing your practical.


I was LIT001. Oh boy…

I don’t have much to say about You, however much about myself. I forgot to call downwind, my bank angles were too steep, I was coming in too slow, so I crashed… Why did I choose the aircraft I’m most unfamiliar with…

Anyways, the service was great, went along smooth, except for the times when I didn’t make it smooth, but You handled it well. I am very pleased and hope to see You in the expert server soon!

I’m probably coming back, just in a different aircraft…

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Just closed. Thank you all for coming out and giving feedback!


Thanks for the feedback @Luke_Sta and @Ignas04!

@Luke_Sta: I noticed quite late that you were about to touch down, still issued the go around. Should have caught that earlier. Realized the other mistakes you mentioned, as well. Will work on these. Thank you!

@Ignas04: You’re fine - no worries! :) I was just watching to make sure I ask for a go around when you were coming in hot. Thanks for coming out!

@HadenJohnson: I was looking through the command list for an appropriate instruction as you were spinning, but you ended your flight. :D I was happy to have a faster aircraft in the pattern as I was planning on extending upwind/downwind, re-sequencing, etc. – next time maybe. Thanks for coming out!


NP. I was gonna do a tight pattern but climb to like 30000 on my next t/g then do some weird stuff to get back down. I was just toying around.

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Open now at KSSC. Come fly some patterns, or depart, or fly inbound! :)

Sorry all - had to close a little earlier than expected. Thank you for coming out. Would love your feedback (I did make some mistakes :))


No problem! I’m fairly sure I made one as well, as I don’t fly patterns that often. No issues as far as I’m concerned, your controlling was great!


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Appreciate you coming out and giving feedback @TaipeiGuru - thank you!

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Open at ENGM. Come fly patterns, depart, or fly inbound. :)

Now closed. Thanks for coming out! Feedback would be appreciated, either here or via DM.

Open at MMMX. Come fly patterns, depart, or fly inbound. :)

Now closed due to lack of traffic. May open at another airport.

Let’s try again. Open at KSSC.