JoMiMi's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi there! I’m a very new ATC with some knowledge, and I’d like to invite you to my sessions. This is my tracking thread. As said, I’m very new, so feedback is welcome. My main regions I’ll be at are SeaTac, SoCal, NoCal, as well as around Antarctica. Thank you for visiting and coming.

Best regards,


Currently inactive.

Previous session:

Status: Closed

Airport: SCRM

Frequency: Tower

Server: Training, always.

Pattern work is allowed
I am not an IFATC
LIMITED TRAFFIC! There is only a single runway and only a few stands.

Subject to change.

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Open right now @ KSEA

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hey, why are you making me contact tower, I haven’t even pushed back yet

I haven’t even contacted you.

huh? thats weird

thank you for controlling! everything was great! There’s just one thing I have a question about however - why did you call my base on the first and second landings?

There was little traffic, so I focused on you.

I’ll give you a shot

Hi there, I suggest you read this post and get some good tips on how to improve your tracking thread.

Happy controlling!

Tower uses the I’ll call your base instruction only in very specific situations. It should not be used just because there isn’t much traffic. Check out the IFATC training videos on YouTube for more info.


Hey good job! I noticed when we both switched to 16L and 16R you cleared him for “no 2 cleared to land runway 16R” but I was landing 16L. So it would be no 1 cleared to land. Other than that good job:)

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Didn’t know that, although I’ve had nearly 1,000 operations (I said that I’m new because I took a break for a whole year.)

Also, I read that article while making this. I tried to follow it as much as I could, but oh well.

I thought I cleared you for 16R, sorry

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Wow, long break. Welcome back!

Don’t worry about the Approach videos.
I do recommend all Ground and Tower videos and sequencing. Watch them 3 times. They’re really good.

Here are 10 golden rules you need to know, so you can do a good job controlling via your tracking thread.
Check out these video’s. You’ll learn a lot!

  1. Watch aircrafts on your platform. Good Ground control is important. Use hold position and give way instructions. Give way instructions are sometimes given before a taxi instruction.
  2. Understand the concept of the Pattern. Know your departure, crosswind, downwind, base and final legs.
  3. every new inbound always first gets a pattern entry instruction, to inform the pilot how he should approach
  4. Every runway change always first gets a pattern entry instruction
  5. sequencing is your friend ”. Very important. It is used to tell pilots who to follow. Re-sequence if this helps to provide clarity. Extend downwind, I’ll call your base, and speed instructions are not meant for sequencing. Use sequence instructions, as many and as often as is needed.
  6. Use I’ll call your base, to delay the base turn of an inbound aircraft. Apply this to create space to allow outbound aircrafts to depart, or to avoid clashes with other aircrafts.
  7. aircrafts remaining in the pattern get a touch and go with an exit turn direction. This is needed only once. After this, the pilot will assume the same exit direction (number 1, cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic).
  8. Timely clearance for landing or for the option
  9. landed aircrafts all get a runway exit instruction . Know your exit procedures
  10. an inbound aircraft only gets one (1) landing/option clearance for a runway.

G-MAN I only got one circuit in before you closed. As you’re just starting out, do not feel bad about anything… Just learn from it. Read the manual and watch the you tube videos.

So you had me take off from 34C. Nothing wrong with that as it puts me at the start of the runway, but seeing as I was a TBM I could have done an intersection departure from 34R with no difficulties. I was happy with your choice of runway though. There was a guy who changed direction to be coming in on 16R. I requested change to runway 16R so as not to have head on traffic.

The proper response would be goto Pattern Entry - tell me which way to turn - enter right downwind 16R then press sequencing to give me No 2 traffic to follow is on left base/final (it was in the middle I guess). Then clear me. As it happened you cleared me for the option number 2 (without the pattern entry) but after a runway change I need to know what direction to turn after my T&G so in the clearence issue left or right (you only do this if there is any change, but NOT every time). In any event your guy cleared for 16R Landed on 16L without clearence so you could have told him to check runway assignment (think that is in misc messages). Your ground control was fabulous, you had me hold short where appropriate and crossed my runways well.

Good start, don’t give up. It’s a bit tough in IFATC. I lost my confidence myself this week and wanted to give up after some hellish ground experiences but I got back on the horse. Keep going and we will see you in the tower soon.

Best wishes

Its fine. Other than that you did fine :)

You were cleared for 16R - that’s why I changed to that runway to check out controllers ability to sequence.

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Oh I thought I was cleared 16L my bad :/

Never mind, God job it was training server, if it was the expert server…👻

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Open again! Please note that I chose SCRM because nobody ever goes there. Limit traffic please