Jolting in cruise in cockpit view

Keep getting this jolt every few minutes in cockpit view during cruise - not sure if this is supposed to be turbulence or is a glitch?

What aircraft are you getting this in? A video showing it would be good too.



If you check the winds you will know if it is turbulence or not.

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I get the same thing sometimes. its kinda weird. Its like a small little jolt. It happens in every aircraft i fly at.


I had this issue as well in the Airbus a321. The plane jolted and started descending violently and I couldn’t gain control back. This then lead to me getting a violation :((

That has happened to me too! The way I “sorta fixed it” is I calibrated, then turned off AP… After 10 seconds of hand flying the cruise, the jolting eventually began to stop. I would think its a auto pilot trying to gain control of turbulence (if you experienced a headwind)

Yup every aircraft for me too. Must be a glitch 😕

I think i know what you’re talking about. And it’s a know thing, but as it’s a very minor issue it haven’t been investigated yet.

I haven’t had that just the jolting every minute or so

I’m not grade 4 anymore :(